Professional dog walking in Brighton & Hove

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When you use our professional dog walking service in Brighton your dog will be picked up from your home taken for a 90 minute walk from when we reach the fields. We settle all dogs back home and ensure they have fresh water. We will walk rain, shine, snow or sleet. Our dog walks are usually based on the South Downs, in places like Devils Dyke and Ditchling Beacon. Alternatively we walk in Stanmer and Wild Park in Brighton as well as on the coast. We aim to walk all dogs off the lead as long as we have had signed permission from the owner to do so. We feel dogs are happiest on our walks when they have the freedom to play and explore the outdoors. All dogs wear tags bearing our names and contact details whilst out on our walks.


Everyday Monday-Friday – £47.50

Dog Walking

Walks per day Price 1 dog Price 2 dogs*
1 walk £10 £18
2 walks £18 £38
Weekends & Bank Holidays £14 £28

 Cat Feeding

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Cat feeding and sitting services. We will make sure that while you’re away, your cats stay just as happy, well fed and cared for as if you were still there.

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Monday-Friday – £32.50

Pet Feeding

Time 1 Feed/Day 2 Feeds/Day
Mon - Fri: £6 £12
Weekends & Bank Holidays £8 £15

 Puppy Visits and Feeding

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We currently offer a home puppy visit and feeding service (30 mins/visit). We’ve seen many of our customers through the early weeks of development, in house training right through to joining our group walks. We love puppies!

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Are you looking for a professional dog walking service in Brighton and Hove to give your beloved pet the exercise, fun and care he or she deserves? The Jolly Dog Walker offer a flexible, cost effective solution with highly experienced personnel to help you ensure your dog is given the best care and attention possible. For dog walking rates and how we work get in touch with us today.

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Yes. Jolly Dogs dog walking service holds full public liability insurance, which also includes cover for care, custody and control of animals. All new dog owners will receive a copy of our insurance.
We aim to walk all dogs off lead so they can have a nice run around for the full walk. Of course we will only let dogs of lead with full consent from their owners.
Our standard walks from Monday-Friday last for a full 1 hour 30 minutes of walking excluding picking up and dropping off.
We ensure we walk in safe environments for dogs to be able to run off lead. Our normal locations are Devil’s Dkye, Stanmer Park and Sheepcote Valley.
Please have a look at our services page for all pricing.
We are based in Hanover but are able to cover all areas of Brighton and Hove.
Unfortunately we do not cater for this and are unable to walk any bitch in season.
We are happy to walk dogs of all breeds and sizes. Before taking dogs on our walks we met and discuss any needs with the owner. We will not take any aggressive behaviour from any dog at Jolly Dogs dog walking service. If dogs show any aggression on our walks unfortunately we will no longer be able to walk them.
Any male dogs over the age of 1 year will need to be castrated in order to come on walks with us. This is because other dogs sometimes take disliking due to a particular scent they give off.